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It is an instant Energy Drink with Vitamin-C .

Vitadrink is Glucose based beverage mix.(Proprietary food).It is a refreshing source of energy.

INGREDIENTS : Glucose(48%), Sucrose, Acidity regulator (E-330), Added Flavours (Natural Identical and Artificial Flavouring Substances), Minerals (Calcium Phosphate), Zinc & Vitamin-C

Dextrose & Sucrose : One dose of two tablespoonfuls (35 gms) provided 126 kcal which is 1/8 the of the daily requirements of calories from carbohydrates, Dextrose readily gets assimilated and emits energy to overcome tiredness, Sucrose yields one molecule each of fructose and glucose.

Zinc Sulphate : One serving will provide 7.5 mg. of elemental zinc, which is half of the daily dietary requirement. Zinc is the vital element for nucleic acid synthesis, healing of wounds & transfer energy. Zinc also improves taste faculty & thus increase desire for food during convalescence.

Vitamin-C : One serving will provides 50 mg. of this important water soluble Vitamin, which is the daily dietary requirement, Ascorbic Acid helps adjust against stresses and strains. Augments antibody formation and improves phagocytosis, leading to increased resistance to infections.

Nutritional Value :

Nutritional Information Per 100 gms.
Energy Value 368 kcal
Calcium 110 mg.
Phospherous 58 mg
Vitamin C 150 mg
Zinc 95 mg
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrates 92 g
Sugar (Sucrose) 48 g
Fat & All types of Fatty Acids 0
Contains permitted colour & added orange flavour.


Directions for use :


* Dissolve 35 gms. (two tablespoonful ) in 200 ml. of water & consume once or twice daily.

* Store in cool dry place.

* It's Sweetened Don't add Sugar.

* It's Glucose based beverage mix.(Propreitary food)

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